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Yeo Technologies is an established black owned ICT systems, security and integration company specialising in the deployment of niche security and infrastructure solutions that create a tangible value for our clients.Our vision is to be the leading provider of secure and sustainable ICT solutions by integrating and delivering innovative technologies and services to solve business challenges.

The Yeo leadership team has a diverse technical and business skills base with over 30 years of combined experience in Sales, Marketing, IT consulting and Services Enablement, largely in the Public Sector, Service Providers and Enterprise Environments. We pride ourselves in the deep understanding of the South African business market and attribute our success to building flexible go-to-market models with key OEMs and eco-system partners in order to deliver cost-effective, best-of-breed, relevant and sustainable solutions that meet critical business requirements.


Yeo Technologies in partnership with Cisco is continuously in the process of recruiting, training and empowering unemployed youth from previously disadvantaged communities. This is directly in line with the South African government list of priorities, i.e. eradicating some of the major social ills, namely, unemployment, poverty and lack of work-place skills.

This partnership is aimed at creating real-world experiences for the interns, helping expand skill base in the ICT sector, build future leadership through rigorous on-the-job training and personal development through mentorship.

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Corporate Social Responsibility
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We are situated at:

14 Bridle Close Woodmead Office Park , Woodmead


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Speak to our friendly consultants should you be inquiring on any of our services at Yeo Technologies

011 656 0095 info@yeotech.co.za