ICT Infrastructure



At Yeo Technologies we have a holistic approach towards the way we plan, design, provision and manage Data Centres for our customers.  Our approach includes a comprehensive consultation and needs analysis process to provide Data Centre solutions that is fully optimised in terms of compute, storage, networking, virtualization and management for operational simplicity and business agility. Our vast portfolio of architectures, coupled with our expertise, delivers flexibility and scale to support unique client specifications and goals.

Business and IT demands are growing faster than ever. We provide agile computing environments that can adapt to changing business needs, whether for small to medium concerns or for large enterprise organisations. Our infrastructure services are positioned to help customers optimise their complete computing environments.

With our ‘Core to End’ infrastructure solutions, customers can better address business, operational and product innovation objectives. We can help any organisation, from small/medium to large enterprise, accelerate technology adoption to boost productivity, reduce total cost of ownership, and more effectively manage regulatory requirements.